Riding a passenger train in the US

It´s something that has been romanticized time and time again: standing on the platform next to a long line of rail cars sitting on the tracks, the bustle of people, smoke billowing from the engine of the locomotive, and hearing the boarding whistle for the train. While I had taken a few trains while visiting my friend in Germany, I had never ridden a passenger train – or any train for that matter – in the United States. Continue reading “Riding a passenger train in the US”

Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Trudging up the last few steps of the cliff’s incline, grabbing the chain railing providing support to avoid the 1,000 ft drop on either side, drenched in sweat, we finally made it to the top of Angels Landing. If the hike up didn’t make us breathless, the view most definitely did. Continue reading “Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park”

My First Trip out of the Country

The United States is a country full of interesting and beautiful places, with the opportunity to explore more than one could ever hope to see. There is, however, nothing quite like the first time taking a trip out of the country. From getting your passport, to booking the plane ticket, to getting to the airport, flying, landing, then going through customs into an entirely new place, it is a brand new adventure that will be remembered forever. Continue reading “My First Trip out of the Country”