The first week of our trip: Amsterdam and Wuppertal

Hello everyone! Last week I wrote about my mom and sister’s visit to Bilbao, and I also said that Spencer and I are starting a month-long trip around Europe.

Well I’ve now packed my bag, said goodbye to Bilbao, my new second home, and got on a flight to meet up with Spencer in Amsterdam.

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First Solo Trip out of the Country

As my flight touched down in Cologne, Germany, ending the final leg of not only my first trip to Europe, but also my first trip out of the country by myself, I was barely able to contain my excitement. I had traveled by myself from Kansas City, Missouri, to Cologne, Germany through a series of buses, trains, and planes, to visit my friend Spencer, who was studying abroad in Wuppertal, Germany at the time. Continue reading “First Solo Trip out of the Country”