Mishaps in Rome, End of the European Trip

After visiting the Colosseum, there were a few other sites that we wanted to see during our time in Rome, including the Vatican, as well as heading to the coast for a swim in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go our way during this last week of our trip.

***As a side note, the three-week gap between articles was due to travels I was doing (which I will be writing articles about), as well as my return to the United States, so I have been quite busy with all of that. I will, however, continue writing in the weeks to come about the end of my trip abroad and my return home. Thank you for your patience and for continuing to read!***

After a successful trip to the Colosseum, we were excited to continue seeing the sites in Rome, the next of which we had planned to be the Vatican, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Rather than waiting in the enormous queues that there were to get inside, we decided to purchase our tickets online instead.

We bought the tickets for the earliest time slot, 9:30 am the next morning, and set our alarms accordingly.

And then I got the email.

The company through which we booked our reservation informed me that there was a scheduled city-wide strike of the public transportation in Rome on that day, which was set to take place from 8 am until 12 noon, which was right during the time we were planning to use it.

Due to this, we were unable to get to the Vatican for our scheduled time, and, since the strike wasn’t due to the company we made our reservations with, we didn’t get a refund either. We decided, then, to not go inside the basilica. We did, however, visit St. Peter’s Square.

Apart from the Vatican, the other main thing we wanted to do in Rome was to visit the coast and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. The afternoon of the cancellation of our time at the Vatican, we caught a one-hour train to Anzio, and had a brief time at the beach there as the sun set.

We decided to spend one more day at the beach before we left, so on our last day, we had a long breakfast (which turned out to take too long), then headed to a beach that had been listed as being the most beautiful near Rome.

The instructions to arrive at the beach included taking a bus for just over one hour to a town called Sabaudia, then a decently long walk to the beach itself.

This didn’t sound like too bad of a plan, until the bus journey took over two hour. Then, once arriving, the last bus was scheduled to leave in two hours, which would barely have been time enough for us to walk to the beach and back, not to mention swimming and grabbing something to eat.

Since we couldn’t make it to the beach, we ended up taking a four-hour round trip to eat a kebab in Sabaudia.

We were upset about it at the beginning of the trip to Sabaudia, but we ended up accepting it, and took this time to enjoy our last full day in Italy, and the last full day of our trip together.

Even though we were unable to go to the Vatican, and we were only able to swim in the Mediterranean once (I know, just once), these were the only major events that didn’t go as planned, which, considering we had a month of traveling, is nothing to complain about.

After finally arriving back at our apartment in Rome, we cooked some dinner, and then packed our bags to be ready to head to the airport early in the morning.

Spencer would be flying back to the United States the next morning, but I still had a bit of traveling to do. Later that afternoon I would be flying to Morocco to continue my adventure!

This would be my first time in Africa, and I had quite an adventure planned, so be sure to check back to read all about it!

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