Vienna, Austria

After chilling in Würzburg for a few days, we woke up early to catch our train at 7:30 am–this time waking up early enough to not have to run there–to head east to the next stop on our trip, Vienna, Austria!

This train journey was very nice, since we weren’t rushed in getting there, and it was a direct train, meaning we didn’t have to change trains at any point. This gave us a solid 6 hours of soothing train motion to (try to) catch some sleep.

We arrived in an extremely hot Vienna, and after getting from the main train station to the apartment we were staying in, we went for a walk to what is called the Danube Island, which, as it sounds, is an island in the Danube River, which runs through the city.

Since it was so hot out, we decided to join the myriad of people swimming along the river’s banks, but before we had time to get back to our place to change, it started pouring rain, so we stayed inside and watched the storm from the window.

The next two days we stayed near our apartment, and just walked around a bit, mostly relaxing and lounging around. The next day, however, we went to the city itself, and walked around the center, which was full of incredible architecture, as well as many gardens and parks.

As the sun was setting, we walked around an area called the Volksgarten, or the People’s Garden, as well as by the Austrian Parliament building, as the sun was beginning to set.

The next day, we returned to the center again to see some more of the city, as well as relax for a nice coffee in the Viennese sun (which was out before I took these pictures).

Today is our last day in the city, and since we were unable to go swim the first day, and had been either in the city center or inside watching rain the rest of the time, we headed down to the banks of the Danube to have a refreshing swim to close out or time here.

Although this city is beautiful, full of history, and has a lot to offer, we spent most of our time here just relaxing and enjoying ourselves, which has been very nice, since the amount of traveling over these past few weeks is slowly beginning to catch up with us.

Tonight we are packing it in early, to catch a flight tomorrow at 5:30 am (yeah, that early; I didn’t even know there were flights that early!) to head to the final stop of our European adventure.

This final destination is one we have been looking forward to since we planned this trip about two months ago, and we have an entire week there, so we are very excited to get there and start exploring!

Check back in next week to see where we go, and to read all about the amazing adventures we are bound to have there!


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