A visit to Prague and Würzburg

After spending a week in Wuppertal,  we took a train to nearby Cologne and got on a flight there to head to our next destination, Prague, which I had visited when my friend Kyler came to visit. For Spencer, however, this was his first time to the city.

We landed in Prague close to 9 pm, and took the bus into the city, where we caught a metro that took us near our hostel. We checked in and then went down to the hostel’s bar, where we met John and Jordan, from England and Canada.

The streets of Prague at night, from our walk to the hostel.

We started talking, and then Jordan told us about a bar nearby that was an old communist rally point that was hidden underground. Wanting to see what this was all about, we walked there and entered what seemed to be a normal bar.

We then walked down a flight of stairs, where we walked through another bar area, down a few more stairs, through a tunnel, and then we arrived in a large stone room with a high ceiling.

It was a really cool spot, and sitting there thinking about the meetings that must have taken place here was an interesting window into a bit of the city and country’s communist past.

The next morning, we got up and decided to walk to the Prague Castle, crossing Charles Bridge on the way. I came here during my last visit, but the views from the top of the castle were just as spectacular as the last time.

We walked back down the hill through a nice wooded area full of criss-crossing paths, stopping to enjoy the shade and take refuge from the heat.

As we only had two full days in Prague, we spent most of our time walking around and looking at the city, with its brick streets and old architecture. Being in this city is almost a step back in time because of the amazing conditions of the old buildings.

We returned to our hostel on our last night after a nice meal at an outdoor restaurant, and packed up our things to be ready to leave in the morning, as we had a train at 6:12 am.

Next thing I know, Spencer is shaking my leg, trying to wake me up but also be quiet so as not to disturb our two roommates. He says its almost 5:30, and we hadn’t even woken up yet.

I got out of bed, and we rushed to get dressed and pack the remaining items we had, checked out at the hostel’s front desk, and started running to the train station.

Google Maps told us it was a 25 minute walk to the train station, but since we only had 20 minutes until the train left, including the time we needed to get to the correct platform, we had to run the whole way.

This is one of the moments in which we were happy to only have one backpack each, because if we had had to run with suitcases in tow, we definitely would have missed the train.

We ended up getting to the platform for our train with four minutes to spare, and we were on our way to Würzburg, Germany, where we would be visiting a friend of mine, Johanna, whom I met while studying in Bilbao.

After a six-hour journey and two train changes, we made it to Würzburg. We met up with Johanna, and after dropping our things off at her place, we headed to the river to take a refreshing swim, since it was pretty hot out, and we were worn out from our train journey (and the running at 5:50 in the morning).

The next day, we made our way to the Festung Marienburg, which is a large fortress up on a hill in the city. From here, we were able to have an almost 360-degree view of the city from the fortress’s various lookout points.

We were able to see the vineyards that covered the hills that surrounded the city, as this region of Germany is very much a wine-producing region.

We spent that evening hanging out with and meeting some new people in a great river-side spot, as well as taking in a pretty great sunset.

Today is our last day in the city, and tomorrow morning we will be catching a train and heading to our next destination, which is a new one for both Spencer and myself.

Be sure to check back next week to read about it!

¡Hasta luego!

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