A Story In Pictures: Hiking to El Castillo

Last Friday before class, I was looking at the map of Bilbao I now have hanging up in my room, and I was contemplating which part of the city that I hadn’t seen before I was going to explore after class.  I then saw the words El Castillo, “the castle” in Spanish, written next to a symbol of a mountaintop. Continue reading “A Story In Pictures: Hiking to El Castillo”

Carnival in Bilbao

When I first saw someone walking around in a costume last week, I was a little confused. Then I saw another person, and another, all dressed in costumes. So I asked one of the locals what was going on, and they told me that it was Carnival, of course! I had heard of the famous Carnival in Rio de Janiero, but experiencing Bilbao’s version was definitely inolvidable. Continue reading “Carnival in Bilbao”